Monday, March 28, 2011


If you weren't in the mood for ramen before you saw probably are now. Ever since I read that article I've had a crazy noodle jones. No, this doesn't have anything to do with beer. I've been in a weird place with beer lately, Mr Anthony put beer purchases on hiatus until the remainder of the beer in the fridge is consumed. Naturally, the attachment I have to my special beers is unwavering and as such my consumption has all but ceased. We're still enjoying the Monk's Blood we picked up last month, but somebody brought over some Sapporo and some Miller Light a few months ago and they haven't really moved. I can't bring myself to throw them out but I just won't drink them. Don't get me wrong, you drink what you drink and I like what I like.

I guess I've just gotten a little too fond of this place, indicated only by a barrel hovering above an unmarked door in downtown San Jose. The staff is exemplary, the proprietor is friendly, and the cocktails are flawless. Also, you can count on Pliny being on tap, among other highly desirable beers.

That's all I have to ramble about this afternoon.


  1. i LOVE sapporo. i will drink all of yours.

  2. It's yours! Come to SBA April (time/loc TBD) and I'll bring it for you :)