Tuesday, January 11, 2011

School started again

And it is awesome! Just kidding, it's super annoying. Education is awesome, but going to school blows. On the plus side, I'm in ASL which is actually a lot of fun, and I hope that soon I'll be skilled enough to post a short video of myself signing to you about SBA! In any case, here are some beers I enjoyed last week.

Bison Brewing Reunion '10I picked up a Bison Reunion '10 a week or two ago and had no idea what I was getting into. I can't even remember the last Scotch Ale I had, or if I've ever had a Belgian Style Scotch Ale, but this won't won't soon be forgotten. I poured it from the 22oz bottle (pictured) into a Chimay chalice and it was pitch black! The head was surprisingly light in color, and like the beer itself light in body as well. It had a gentle effervescent that I appreciated, and at first sip it was everything I dreamed of and more. So drinkable! Check it out here.

Bison Brewing Reunion '10New Belgium: Frambozen. I had been meaning to try this winter seasonal for a few years and couldn't muster up the courage to spend my hard-earned money on a 6 pack of the raspberry brown, as I'm not a huge fan of browns in general and I've only had a handful of lambics. Lucky for me, my local Whole Foods had a few bottles in their "Singles" box, where a single bottle, part of a 6- or 12-pack can be purchased for $1.99. $2 for a new beer is right up my alley, so purchase I did and boy, was I happy! As you can see on New Belgium's website, the beer pours a clear raspberry red and your first sip will have you wondering if you should have skipped the ice cream sundae and had one of these instead. It was so sweet, so delicious, a touch syrupy but with a serious tart kick in the tonsils finish. I'll be picking up a 6 pack every winter.

I can't wait for SBA next Saturday! I have a few special beers in my fridge to hold me over until then, all of which you'll get to read about next week. This and this.

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